Family friendly Hong Kong events and attractions

family friendly hongkong events and attractionsThe always busy and buzzing city of Hong Kong packs a near endless list of family oriented events into its calendar. Regardless of when you visit or what you come for, there is sure to be something happening in Hong Kong that will provide Mum, Dad and the kids with lavish entertainment. Here we round up a few of the most exciting annual events and other attractions, though, believe us, this is very much an abridged list.
The Great European Carnival
Once a staple of Hong Kong's cultural calendar the Great European Carnival was on hiatus for a number of years but is now back and bigger than ever. An annual, three month funfair, it promises fun for all the family, mixing traditional carnival attractions with more modern fare, all carried off with typical Hong Kong spectacle. Expect thrill rides, high tech games, carousels and a whole lot more more – the overall budget for the carnival is a whopping $130 million. The dates change, though it generally takes place in winter, between December and February, by the New Central Harbourfront.
If you want to give your kids some culture but still want to make sure they are entertained, you should get on down to Kidsfest, which takes place every January. A celebration of family friendly theatre, it is the largest English language children's drama event in Hong Kong. It takes place in The Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts in Wan Chai.
Hong Disneyland
No list of Hong Kong family friendly day's out would be complete without a nod to old uncle Walt's Easternmost outpost. Though it is not quite yet as spectacular as its Californian, Floridian and Parisian cousins, it has improved year upon year since it opened its gates back in 2005. Now it plays host to a bevy of breath-taking rides, including Space Mountain, Big Grizzly Runaway Mine Cars and Orbitron.
Hong Kong Science Museum
When the rain falls in Hong Kong, there are few better ideas than taking the kids down to Kowloon for a walk around the Science Museum. With over 500 exhibits, there is no end of things to keep your children engaged, and it is particularly rewarding if they are curious about how the world works. A huge number of the exhibits allow visitors to get involved themselves, including drivable car simulators and audio visual effects machines.
Ocean Park
Though perhaps not quite as well known as Disneyland, Ocean Park is just as popular if not, arguably, more so. It offers the visitor a sea-themed day out, with small queues and lots of friendly animals to meet, including pandas, sea lions and a massive aquarium. Adults will love travelling between Ocean Park's upper and lower levels using the extraordinary sky tram. From one of its compartments, you can enjoy an unrivalled view of the city.
Hong Kong Park
For a relaxed sunny day out with the kids, Hong Kong park is a lovely choice. This small, tranquil little haven in the middle of the hustle and bustle is a perfect spot to wile away a few hours, watching the turtles playing in the numerous small ponds that dot the greenery.
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