Hip Hong Kong: the coolest spots in the city

Entertainment is not hard to come by in Hong Kong. This thriving, bustling metropolis is a true bastion of hip happenings. Whether you are looking to drink, eat, dance, listen to music, take in some art, watch movies or go to the theatre, you'll find something to suit your tastes here.
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One of the most recent trends in Hong Kong nightlife is the profusion of wine bars, exclusive clubs and live music spots that have popped up across the city in the last few years. The increasingly multicultural population has seen the entertainment options on offer multiply, with more and more to do and see after dark in Hong Kong. Here are a few of our favourite spots.
The Gecko Lounge
If you fancy a classy drink or two in Hong Kong, then the Gecko will be the place for you. This intimate little wine bar sits just off Cochrane, and offers a huge menu of some of the best French and Italian wines you'll find in China. It also has a plentiful supply of absinthe, in case you fancy taking things up a notch or three. As you have probably gleaned from above, the vibe is very much Parisian, so it's a good bet for the Francophile looking for an Asian flavoured taste of the city of lights.
Executive Bar
Those who consider themselves connoisseurs of whisky and bourbon will be right at home in this exclusive little spot on Causeway Bay. The Executive Bar boasts a massive menu, much of which is available to taste, and is décor and ambience has been carefully constructed to foster an old-school businessman's retreat atmosphere. If you want to sample the wares, you have to make an appointment in advance, so don't just rock up expecting to be let in.
Club 71
If the Executive Bar does not sound like your cup of tea, there's a good chance Club 71 will be more what you are after. As opposed to exclusivity, this bohemian little bar has been designed for inclusivity and friendliness. It is a favourite of Hong Kong's arty types and left wing political activists – in fact, its named after a protect that took place in 2003 and it was the headquarters of a major coup attempt 100 years ago. Expect jamming sessions, beer and a generally amiable atmosphere.
One of the city's most famous bars is Globe, which offers great good, plush décor and one of the deepest menus of alcohol you will find in the city. There is more than 150 different varieties of beer to be had, plus T8 – the first ever cask conditioned ale to be brewed native in Hong Kong.
Sevva is one of the more costly places to drink in Hong Kong but the huge crowds that flock here every evening believe it's a fair price to pay for perhaps the best view you can find of Hong Kong's skyline. Its balcony is famous across the city for giving drinkers an unmatched look at both the skyscrapers of the financial district and Kowloon. You'll want to book ahead if you want a table on the balcony, however.
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