HK Superstar funds BEAST Label



Highlight is a South Korean boy band formerly known as Beast. The band has 5 members: Yoon Doo-joon, Yong Jun-hyung, Yang Yo-seob, Lee Gi-kwang, and Son Dong-woon. KPop boy group BEAST gives the step.

Looking back they They were creating their own independent label. After seven years of being under Cube Entertainment, they've decided to create their leave their current agency to join other artists who have chosen release their own indie records. The KPop band named their label “Good Luck” after one of their hit singles released in 2014. The name shows how much the new agency will center its focus on BEAST only.
This didn't come as an entire surprise given that the group's leader, Doojoon, has already hinted in his Instagram account that BEAST will leave Cube after their contract expired.
His message was as follow: “Busan is so far away… But thank you, thank you to everyone who came from all over the place. Soon, it'll be our 7th anniversary… A lot of things will change, but hopefully everyone can get used to it quickly!!!! Thank you, B2UTY, B2ST. Everyone worked hard!!!!!! Please continue to take care of us.”
But BEAST couldn't take this big step on their own. There was a ghost investor that made all of this possible. This investor is Louis Koo, a veteran entertainer from Hong Kong, who has committed to help the new BEAST label grow.
BEAST investor was already a legendary celebrity in Hong Kong. One of the highest-earning actors in Hong Kong, Koo has starred alongside Jackie Chan in the movie Rob-B-Hood and is a spokesperson for world renowned brands like Pepsi, Tag Heuer, and Lotte.
The move was be supported by a Hong Kong-based concert producer Jasco Entertainment, which had previously become affiliated with Koo's entertainment. This is not the first time Jasco Entertainment and BEAST cross paths. Indeed, they had worked together during one of their showcases in Hong Kong.
The only outstanding issue now was that Cube Entertainment owns the copyright for the group's name. Therefore, now that BEAST has released a new label, fans are wonderful if the band members will continue to promote as BEAST or go with a new name. Now we know that is Highlight. Apparently, the members gave up on their current name and will adopt a new one instead. One personnel from Cube said: “the members are willing to change the group name if Cube Entertainment does allow it.”
Fans are also apprehensive about whether BEAST will be able to perform their hit songs like “Fiction”, “12:30” and “Shadow” or not. However, one of the producers that collaborate with BEAST, Shinsadong Tiger, assured that the group can still perform their previous tracks.
In his Instagram account, the producer gave words of encouragement to the group and a reassurance that they can still perform their old songs as long as they were rearranged even with the new BEAST label.


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