Hong Kong street markets


hong kong street market

Hong Kong street market culture attracts visitors from everywhere. Here are some of the best markets in the region:

Cat Street antique market
Despite its name, there's more to Cat Street (Upper Lascar Row) than just antiques. During the colonial period, the street was a market for stolen items which are called “rat goods” in Cantonese. Since cats search out rats, the market is named after the customers. From stall to stall, you can find all sort of antiques, ranging from Chairman Mao figurine to brass Buddha statues, old coins and ceramic vases. These precious antiques conjure up images of Hong Kong's past.
Kowloon City Wet Market
One of the city's best food markets, Kowloon City Wet is perfect to find high-grade pork, veggies and beef. The stalls are so famous they have even attracted celebs to the market. It is not unusual to bump into somebody famous while searching for fresh produce.
Ap Liu Street Electronics Market
This is a second-hand and low cost items, mainly audio-visual equipment, assorted devices and mobile accessories. Take your time and scour the market before buying anything as prices vary significantly.
Flower Market
Decked out with flowers of every kind, this colorful, highly scented flower market feels like a lush garden. In the build-up to Lunar New Year, the places fill with the varietals of plant that promise good luck, and families flock there to make a purchase that will guarantee their fortune for the next lunar cycle.
Ladies' Market
This the place to go to buy brand name clothes and accessories for less. Sometimes you can hunt down surprisingly decent products at bargain prices.
Temple Street Night Market
Unlike other main Asian cities, it is rare to find a night market in Hong Kong and that is what makes Temple Street market so special. After the sun goes down, tourists flock to this market to buy “I heart HK” t-shirts and dodgy watches while the locals consult the fortune-tellers.


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