Leon Lai-ming 30 years in show business


Leon Lai ming

From being a humble Hong Kong phone salesman, Leon Lai-ming became a singing star since the release of his debut album in 1990. Here are some of his biggest hits:

Having left secondary school in Hong Kong in the mid-1980s, Leon Lai-ming was at odds with himself and unsure where life was going to take him. He entered the workforce as a lowly mobile-phone salesman to make a living, but friends and family kept insisting to make more of his talent for singing and flair for the theatrical. Based on his talents, his family and friends finally convinced to try out for the 5th New Talent Singing Awards in 1986.
Lai won the second place and that landed him a recording contract. However, it took Lai four years of vocal and performance coaching before Leon Lai-ming, the artist, before he released his first album (1990s Leon).
After that, his stardom started. Even though Lai was a somewhat reluctant and shy star, with time he became one of Canto-pop's Four Heavenly Kings (alongside Andy Lau Tak-wah, Aaron Kwok Fu-shing and Jacky Cheung Hok-yau).
But his career didn't end there. He has also had an impressive and acclaimed career in the Chinese cinema. He is famous for an impassive style that seems to allow his emotions to build up.
To celebrate Lai turning 50, and celebrates 30 years in show business. To honor these milestones, he returns to the big stage in Hong Kong with eight shows at the Central Harborfront Event Space from April 28 to mark his 30 years in show business.
One of the tunes that helped establish Lai among the heavyweights of Canto-pop is “There's not one day I don't think of you.” This was released once he had signed on with Polygram. The song reflects on lost love and longing, which would become his signature topics. The Spanish guitar licks have also been copied countless times since. The tune earned the artist the first of his “Song of the Year” awards.
Other famous songs include “A Happy Family.” This is a duet and marks the beginning duets in Lai's career. “Just love me for one day” was also voted Song of the Year in Hong Kong by his ever-growing legion of fans. “If I can see you again” was a Canto-pop classic that celebrates the purely commercial nature of the genre.
Lai has increasingly avoided the spotlight after a series of tabloid intrusions into his private life. He went as far as to refuse to accept any awards for the past 15 years or so. Although his input in recent years has been limited, an outstanding tune from the last decade is “Sugar in the Marmalade” which was an experiment with techno. This song became an instant hit and karaoke favorite.


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